Hanoi Trip in January

food. tea. motor bikes, temples and more food! Also the architecture details got me hooked. Here are some pictures of Hanoi/HCM in no particular order

from left to right: Phuc Long (popular local chain that sells tea), short grained sticky rice with pork, bbq chicken and beer

super glam night life in HCM

HCM city center was bustling with tourists and construction was happening everywhere

old world details/ the metal door frame reminds me of home. The tiles in the picture below were produced by the state. These designs were everywhere (the central post office, a temple, and a home I visited) because everyone had to use them

sprinkle in some western influences

can’t forget the temples. so many i couldn’t keep count!

well preserved temples (the left one is mimicking a lotus!)
(a temple in HCM) Each coil has a wish attached to it. The coils take very long to burn off …probably about a week. After they have burned off, the wish has already reached heaven

I want to explore more of this country.



Studying in Yoo-Ess-A| Born & raised in Myanmar

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