Making new habits for the New Year

  1. Drink warm lemon water every morning
  2. Refill my humidifier every day
  3. Take frequent breaks (not long ones) during studying or working because I’m a tactile learner
  4. Incorporate flash cards into my studying habits
  5. Start wearing clothes that fit me and flatter me. This will help me appreciate myself more
  6. Eat every meal until I am satisfied. This will help me focus during the day and avoid binge eating
  7. Sleep seven-eight hours a day
  8. Choose kinder words for my friends and family. They are important to me and I want to show kindness through my words
  9. Wash my face every night
  10. Read 1 news article in English and Burmese every day. I don’t read Burmese enough
  11. Spend at least 30 mins at the gym every day



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Studying in Yoo-Ess-A| Born & raised in Myanmar