One week before my PhD really begins

Just finished two weeks of math camp which was relatively breezy and easy. After the end of that camp, we met with current graduate students and professors. The graduate students mostly told us to expect the first year to be difficult and shared some strategies so we need to take care of ourselves.

I see the value in their advice but I’m also terrified even more. Hearing that it’s going to be hell didn’t really help me feel calm. The best thing I can do is to remind myself that I am capable. Hopefully, I’ll be taking care of myself to the point that I won’t be having a breakdown. I’m writing this so that if I remember to read this post again during the school year — I’ll remember to breathe. I remember to exercise a little bit. I remember to treat myself and be more forgiving on myself. Cheers!


Studying in Yoo-Ess-A| Born & raised in Myanmar

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